Monday, January 12, 2009

How to Choose the Best Online Marketing Courses!

I think everyone wants to have financial security and many seek out a home based Internet marketing business to accomplish that goal. If your smart,
you'll make sure you get the needed tools by investing in one of the many quality online marketing courses. Like anything, the proper foundation and
mentorship can make the difference in success or failure. Let me tell you now that you want to avoid the get rich quick hype and making money while
you relax or sleep. It's a business and you need to treat it as such.
Is there money to be made online? Let me give you an example of a great success story. Dave Valliere's is an Internet marketer who is having
phenomenal success. He would be considered a guru of some sorts by many. He pulls in the mid to high 5 figures every month. What's incredible is
that he was no different from anyone when he started out.

He quit a full time job because he was determined to make it big on the Internet. Wow, he wasn't prepared for the struggles ahead. He worked hard no
doubt, with little to show for it. He was running out of money and it was make it or lose his house. He finally was able to figure this Internet business
thing out and he's been off to the races ever since.
What changed that gave him the ability to make a living online? Well he was able to put together the pieces and then it clicked for him. With these
struggles there's some advice he passes on to others wanting to follow his path (without the huge struggles of course).
What does he have to say?
Make sure you research and purchase any of the quality online marketing courses on the net. When you find one, take action by applying everything
you learn from that course.
If you are thinking of obtaining an Internet marketing course then you are making a great decision. There are some real quality programs to choose
from and what's best for you is only for you to know. I've included some guidelines that can help you make the right choice.
1-The online marketing courses need to first and foremost address the correct attitude and mindset to be successful. You may think this is just bull, but
I'll tell you that if you don't learn how to maintain the proper frame of mind, you can know all the most valuable marketing skills and you'll never be
successful. Your success starts by how you think and visualize your business success.
2-Of all the online marketing courses, the one you invest in should teach you the skills for a strong foundation as well as provide advanced techniques
to make you the marketer you want to become. Also the course should be organized into doable steps so you can progress correctly.
3-All of these online marketing courses must have credibility. The author should be a successful Internet marketer and actually uses the methods he or
she teaches. You would be surprised at what some one teaches in a book compared to what they actually do. Find the person that has proven his
I've tried many different techniques and methods. A lot of them look great on paper but as I attempt to make it work I find that it just doesn't. It could be
me, but a lot of times the recipe is just not complete. The author isn't willing to really let me in on his secret or it's not his method at all and doesn't
even use it.
4-The online marketing courses you consider should give it all to you. You find someone that really has more of an interest in your success than in just
selling you a book, they will let you into their thinking and make the effort to make it work for you.
5-Another sign of quality online marketing courses is the ability to instruct you in many ways. Does it have video and audio lessons as well as written?
If you're like me, I need to be taught in many different ways to be able to really apply a concept. Is it more valuable for me to actually see someone set
up a successful email campaign versus just reading about it?
I think different ways of learning helps us to be able to successfully apply important principles.
6-Also you want to look for an Internet marketing course that has free updates. A lot of web-based courses have this benefit.
7-Any of the good online marketing courses are going to cost you some money. This is an investment in your business and actually it might qualify as
a tax deduction as a business expense. Of course you need to consult your accountant for that. Just remember also that a course worth buying will
have a strong guarantee.
In conclusion, the right attitude and unstoppable drive is vital for you success in your home based Internet marketing business. The addition of one of
the many online marketing courses on the Internet will give you what you need to succeed.
About the Author
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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Home Business is Good For The Disciplined

Are you searching for a road map to riches? Well, it has become extremely easy to earn money by working from home. All you have to do is invest
some of your time. It is also vital to have a computer and an Internet connection.
The work at home possibilities are endless. Mindset is the key. Instead of thinking work at home, you might want to raise your sights to "owning a
business and operating it from home".
It goes without saying that the home business owner receives many perks. Aside from making your own schedule, the income can be virtually
unlimited. It is also very satisfying when you are the one calling the shots.

The one thing you must be able to do however is adjust. There are many more possible distractions when you work from home. The key is to have
goals and not get sidetracked.
To avoid being sidetracked, consider setting daily objectives and goals. If you hesitate or procrastinate, you will be looking for a job. Hopefully, that is
motivation in itself for you
If you want to be successful then you have to pay your dues. This may mean working 14 hour days or more. So what, do it for two years and then you
may find that you never have to work again of you don't want to.
The big boys find internet businesses that almost run themselves. The internet makes it possible to fully automate your business. What can't be
automated should be outsourced so that one day sitting on the beach still brings in revenue.
The largest priority for a home business is to know your market. Competition is one thing, but market size is the true factor. Fortunately, you will be
dealing with a worldwide market for almost anything you decide to sell.
A web presence is imperative these days. It adds the much needed credibility for new clients. Beyond that it could be the only necessary source to
drum up traffic.
If you want a successful site then you must get it properly indexed in the search engines. Cost per click is for the weak. Do things right and pay your
There are more opportunities to make money in this day and age than you could ever discover. If you persevere, you can succeed. Never give up, and
eventually you may break through.
About the Author
Running a home based business isn't just garage sales anymore. People are running companies that make big money from home. The bulk of these
big money makers used the web primarily. The internet offers huge opportunities, so get involved. home business legitimate

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Guaranteed Sign Ups : MLM Secrets Revealed!

Did you join an online MLM program? Ever wondered how you can succeed fast?? However, is there really a fast way to succeed? Well, there is
actually a way, and many top MLM guys are holding on to this secret. The secret is that they use guaranteed sign ups.
If you search the Internet, there are many companies providing guaranteed sign ups services and you may be wondering if they are all legitimate

I can help you. Here are 3 guidelines that can help you out to weed away those that are out to take your money without results:
1) The first thing you should look out for is the price of the guaranteed sign up. It should be expensive. If you think that a sign up which cost fifty cents
is a good deal, think again. Let me tell you, it is not. It is just plain illogical. Think: If it cost you only fifty cents, what is the cost to the company? Ten
cents? Twenty cents? Can you get quality leads with twenty cents?
Medical and insurance leads are already at $3 - $5 per lead (and that is NOT even sign up), how can your sign up be at just a few cents? I'm sure you
are smarter to know about that.
A typical price should be at least $1.20 - $1.50 per sign up. Remember: Quality is #1!
2) The second thing you should remember is that sign up should never be worldwide. Take an example: If you buy a hundred worldwide sign ups, you
will get a hundred of them from Chile, Iran, China, Argentina, and Malaysia and so on. I am not trying to be insulting but I don't think you would want to
get them for your business. You should remember that you should always demand for sign ups from USA, UK or Australia.
3) A good company should have good customer feedback? Do you agree with me? I think so. same goes to a company offering guaranteed sign ups.
You will know that a company is genuine if they have good customer feedback.
So, why don't you start looking for a company the company that provides you with the sign ups you want based on the three pointers given above?
Buy a small package, track and test it out.
Here is an example. If you buy fifty sign ups and you only get one sign up who wants to upgrade you to paid membership. Do you think that is a good
Well, I think so. This is because if you do the math you will find that it is actually a two percent conversion. This is considered a market average.
However, this depends on your program and how convincing you are.
So here's my sharing. Now let your quest begin... Look for a guaranteed sign ups company!
About the Author
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Government Small Business Grants - More Information

Effective information on government small business grants is the reason you reading this right? For those newcomers and veterans alike you should
understand that receiving funding through government grants is a major advantage for the simple reason that you don't have to repay it. Of course the
disadvantages of this method are the huge amounts of forms that have to be filled out and of course the bureaucratic red tape is in full effect. But that
won't matter to you if you see this through to the end because you will have received funding to start that new business or expand an existing one.
Resources That May Be Needed
If you are at all familiar with the process of getting a loan from a bank then you are already knowledgeable about the federal small business
government grant process. You will have to provide financial reports, business numbers and tax information.

It would be wise to locate an accountant who works in your specific corporate industry with related businesses. This will help you construct a grant
application whose commerce information makes sense and can actually work. By enlisting the aid of an accountant that is familiar with your industry
you will be saving yourself time and unnecessary effort.
Since you will need a business plan as part of the grant process. The accountant mentioned before can also assist you in making sure the numbers in
your business plan make sense.
Finally you want to get the help of a competent attorney who has experience in working with grants. Keep in mind that your specific grant may not be
large enough to need a lawyer. But if it is large enough then don't hesitate to get an attorney.
By finding an attorney who has experience in the grant application process they should be in a place to guide you past common novice mistakes. If
they have worked in the industry long enough they should also be able to recommend other needed resources.
Grant Choice Is Crucial
It can be time consuming and frustrating trying to locate the right grant. To prove my point just one look at some of the grant sites out here and you will
see what I mean. There are literally thousands of grants grouped by state and sometimes foundation waiting to be claimed. To find the right grant
funds requires the right education.
The only concern is finding the one that will work for you and your specific circumstances is key. If you check the resource box then this problem has
been solved for you already. The point here is that being able to match the requirements of a specific grant to your specific circumstances is
something you will have to figure out on your own unless you use a resource like the one in the resource box.
In Summary
The government small business grants process has been briefly discussed in this article along with the major pain points associated with it. The
biggest being the effort and time required to sort through the thousands of grants available and find the ones that fit your specific situation. One way to
avoid that is to follow the information found in the resource box immediately following this article. Also keep in mind that there may be some
professional consultation needed up front to make sure your application is in the form with the right kind of data it needs to get accepted. Once more if
you are short on effort and time and want a comprehensive strategy for approaching the grant application process then check the resource box.
About the Author
James Redder distributes a Government Small Business Grants e-book. If the government grants info helped, DECIDE NOW to purchase the
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Global Resorts Network vs Carbon Copy Pro, Passport to Wealth

I have now been a GRN rep for a year and a half. In my first year I earned well over 6 figures and continue to make 30k a month online. This company
has changed my life. I used to promote companies like EDC Gold, Passport to Wealth, Carbon Copy Pro, and programs that did not have real
Sure they claimed they had a product and they gave you access to a collection of outdated software and e-books that can be had anywhere on the
internet for free. In fact 80% of these companies all use the exact same collection.
The reason most people don't have a problem with this is because plain and simple the sales are being made to people who are only looking at the
company as a way to make money and not on a product level.

What most people don't realize if you product stinks you are reducing your market. You can only market to business builders. There are a lot of people
looking to build a business but there are tons of people looking to sell there business as well. So why not sell something with a real product, which
appeals to the masses.
This and many other reasons is why I left EDC Gold and moved to Global Resorts Network. I have never looked back and have been very successful
and I feel good about the product I am promoting.
I have sold tons of memberships to people on a product only level. In all my time with EDC I never found one person that was excited to buy $1,000
worth of crappy software. With GRN our members save thousands on every vacation they take for the rest of their lives. So just using the product will
allow a person to recoup their investment in just a couple of trips.
I have sold memberships to people who own $20k and $30k timeshares, that are amazed at what our members have access to for the measly $3k.
Most are trying to sell their timeshares and are finding they aren't worth the paper the deed is printed on.
The bottom line is EDC Gold, Passport to Wealth, Carbon Copy Pro, ETC just don't have the extreme vale that Global Resorts Network has. Nor do
they have as large of a market.
I personally and many other have said GRN is the best business opportunity out, there is no equal or comparable product and comp plan out there.
About the Author
Robert Franta is a top income earner and successful Global Resorts Network mentor. To see how Global Resorts Network and his Global Resorts
Network Pay Day Team can change your life for the better visit my Global Resorts Network website.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Getting Assistants Off Of Lazy Rears, Motivated For Work

Nowhere is it written that a small business can't accomplish huge goals. If your mind is set on accomplishing something, you'll be able to achieve it.
With a team of motivated assistants, you'll be able to take on the world. But motivating people can be difficult. Here are some tips for keep your
assistants motivated.
Goal setting is a powerful force for motivation. Giving your assistant written goals will help them to understand exactly what needs to be
accomplished. Plus, goals are measurable - you either reach them or you don't. This helps your assistant to be able to measure their progress.

Take some time at the start of each week or month to define and review goals with your assistant. This will help keep both of you on track, and help
them to get their assignments completed.
A positive environment will also help with your assistants' motivation. Even if you live on opposite sides of the world, you can still create a positive
working environment.
Perhaps a weekly teleconference meeting would be beneficial. Everyone will feel like more of a part of a team. Let them know they are able to look to
one another for advice if you're not available.
Giving your assistants new challenges will also help keep them motivated. Perhaps they can help you plan a new product or event.
Providing lots of stimulation will keep your assistants from feeling stagnant. If someone works on one task for too long, they can get bored and their
work can start to slip. Once their tasks become easy for them, give them a new assignment to take on. You may want to have two or three assistants
work on a project together. They may really enjoy the interaction from working as a team.
Contests are another great way to motivate people. You could define a team goal and if the team reaches it, they all receive a price. Or create
individual goals to create a sense of competition.
Of course, each person is unique and their motivation can come from a different place. What works for one assistant may not work for another. It is a
good idea to keep your communication with your assistants open, and to ask them what it is that motivates them as an individual.

About the Author
Is your internet business struggling along because you don't have enough time in the day? It might be time to start working on your business instead of
in it. Visit for helpful insights into running a successful internet business.

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Find A Mentor, Be a Mentor

For the uninitiated, let us first answer the questions: Who is a mentor? Why does one need a mentor or why should one try to be one? Where can one
find a mentor? The answer to these questions would probably open up newer opportunities in your mind as alternate career paths reveal themselves
when you go deeper in the subject.
A mentor is someone who is your friend, philosopher and guide in matters related to your career, personal growth and development as well as your
personal life. He or she counsels and advises you not only when you are in a crisis situation but also when you are crossroads of life – be it any
situation. The person is experienced in matters of life and career and talks with authority. He is dependable and could be with you from the start to the
end of your career. The corollary to your understanding could be: What is in it for him? A mentor can gain tremendously in his own life, as he holds the
hand of someone who needs his help. We believe that there is no better tool in life which helps you in your personal growth than to be coach to
someone. If you look at this opportunity from the mentors’ perspective, you not only feel proud of the fact that you are helping someone to reach his
own latent potential, but have a great sense of enhanced self-esteem when you see people depend on you for advice and guidance.

A mentor is not a closed human being. He is open to ideas from the people he has taken under his wing and is frank enough to admit his own
mistakes without any qualms. A mentor shares his experiences with you not just to boast of his achievements, but to make you understand that there
is always light at the end of the tunnel.
The answer to the question about why does one need a mentor – the answer is rather simple. None of us are capable of handling all the complexities
of career as well as personal growth. Instances are not rare when we stand at crossroads of life and ponder about which is the right direction to take
for future happiness and prosperity. We wish there was someone who could, from his personal experience, guide and help us to make that critical
choice. A mentor fulfills all these needs and more.
But where does find a person with such attributes? Many times, you would have found a mentor without naming him or her as such, as the person
advises and counsels you in critical matters concerning your career, etc. It is by chance that you have found a mentor without trying too hard for it! It
could be your colleague, superior or even your spouse or best friend. In case you are not as lucky, you could approach us, a professional training
institute who could guide you to the right person or a relevant program, where you could find what you are looking for.
Last but never the least important aspect of this discussion is why is it important to become a mentor? Firstly, consider yourself blessed and fortunate
to have been endowed with the essential qualities of a mentor: open in communication, persuasive abilities, and adequate experience in a particular
skill area as well as in life in general, experience in meeting a wide variety of people and situations both in professional life and more. Would it not be
nice to further hone your skills? It is said that whichever profession you are in, there is no end to learning. What better opportunities are there in life,
which can help you develop your own knowledge and experience than tutoring and helping others achieve their dreams? Being a successful mentor
could mean that you touch people’s lives where it matters most. You could bring about a permanent change in peoples’ attitudes, remove mental
blocks and help him delve deep into his own mind to find solutions to his problems, which he till now believed never existed! This in short is the
importance of being a mentor.
About the Author
Richard Saldan is a motivational speaker and master magician. His Motivational Magic workshops, keynotes and seminars will rivet your audience to
their chairs with his stunning professional magic and proven strategies for overcoming adversities. He seizes their attention, and then creates lasting
change in their lives. Richard's Motivational Magic will motivate your people into action with an event they'll long remember. For extraordinary results,

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