Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Global Resorts Network vs Carbon Copy Pro, Passport to Wealth

I have now been a GRN rep for a year and a half. In my first year I earned well over 6 figures and continue to make 30k a month online. This company
has changed my life. I used to promote companies like EDC Gold, Passport to Wealth, Carbon Copy Pro, and programs that did not have real
Sure they claimed they had a product and they gave you access to a collection of outdated software and e-books that can be had anywhere on the
internet for free. In fact 80% of these companies all use the exact same collection.
The reason most people don't have a problem with this is because plain and simple the sales are being made to people who are only looking at the
company as a way to make money and not on a product level.

What most people don't realize if you product stinks you are reducing your market. You can only market to business builders. There are a lot of people
looking to build a business but there are tons of people looking to sell there business as well. So why not sell something with a real product, which
appeals to the masses.
This and many other reasons is why I left EDC Gold and moved to Global Resorts Network. I have never looked back and have been very successful
and I feel good about the product I am promoting.
I have sold tons of memberships to people on a product only level. In all my time with EDC I never found one person that was excited to buy $1,000
worth of crappy software. With GRN our members save thousands on every vacation they take for the rest of their lives. So just using the product will
allow a person to recoup their investment in just a couple of trips.
I have sold memberships to people who own $20k and $30k timeshares, that are amazed at what our members have access to for the measly $3k.
Most are trying to sell their timeshares and are finding they aren't worth the paper the deed is printed on.
The bottom line is EDC Gold, Passport to Wealth, Carbon Copy Pro, ETC just don't have the extreme vale that Global Resorts Network has. Nor do
they have as large of a market.
I personally and many other have said GRN is the best business opportunity out, there is no equal or comparable product and comp plan out there.
About the Author
Robert Franta is a top income earner and successful Global Resorts Network mentor. To see how Global Resorts Network and his Global Resorts
Network Pay Day Team can change your life for the better visit my Global Resorts Network website.
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