Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Guaranteed Sign Ups : MLM Secrets Revealed!

Did you join an online MLM program? Ever wondered how you can succeed fast?? However, is there really a fast way to succeed? Well, there is
actually a way, and many top MLM guys are holding on to this secret. The secret is that they use guaranteed sign ups.
If you search the Internet, there are many companies providing guaranteed sign ups services and you may be wondering if they are all legitimate

I can help you. Here are 3 guidelines that can help you out to weed away those that are out to take your money without results:
1) The first thing you should look out for is the price of the guaranteed sign up. It should be expensive. If you think that a sign up which cost fifty cents
is a good deal, think again. Let me tell you, it is not. It is just plain illogical. Think: If it cost you only fifty cents, what is the cost to the company? Ten
cents? Twenty cents? Can you get quality leads with twenty cents?
Medical and insurance leads are already at $3 - $5 per lead (and that is NOT even sign up), how can your sign up be at just a few cents? I'm sure you
are smarter to know about that.
A typical price should be at least $1.20 - $1.50 per sign up. Remember: Quality is #1!
2) The second thing you should remember is that sign up should never be worldwide. Take an example: If you buy a hundred worldwide sign ups, you
will get a hundred of them from Chile, Iran, China, Argentina, and Malaysia and so on. I am not trying to be insulting but I don't think you would want to
get them for your business. You should remember that you should always demand for sign ups from USA, UK or Australia.
3) A good company should have good customer feedback? Do you agree with me? I think so. same goes to a company offering guaranteed sign ups.
You will know that a company is genuine if they have good customer feedback.
So, why don't you start looking for a company the company that provides you with the sign ups you want based on the three pointers given above?
Buy a small package, track and test it out.
Here is an example. If you buy fifty sign ups and you only get one sign up who wants to upgrade you to paid membership. Do you think that is a good
Well, I think so. This is because if you do the math you will find that it is actually a two percent conversion. This is considered a market average.
However, this depends on your program and how convincing you are.
So here's my sharing. Now let your quest begin... Look for a guaranteed sign ups company!
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